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We are a lively, friendly and diverse group of Bible-believing and proclaiming Christians.  Please browse our website to find out more about us and our activities.

Sunday August 27th at 10.30am

Morning service
We continue our series of sermons entitled 'Signs of life', based in John's gospel, examining the 'signs' that Jesus gave to his identity.
Jesus clearly had remarkable and unique power - and that is demonstrated in today's 'sign': the healing of a man who had been born blind. But why did Jesus say that he had come to take away sight as well as give it?
Our study passage is John 9:1-41 and our preacher is Paul Fernandez.

Sunday August 27th at 6.30pm

Evening service
Our sermon series from the book of Isaiah brings us to Isaiah 11.1-12.6
In Isaiah's day the name of God was not held in high honour any more and the future seemed bleak.
Maybe this scenario is familiar to us? Is there hope for the future, and if so, where will it come from?
Our preacher is Keith Johns

Home groups in August

During the August holiday period some of our home groups (they usually meet on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings) may not be running.
Please check with your home group leader!

What's On

  • Book Club
  • Morning service - Signs of life: Jesus heals a blind man (Preacher: Paul Fernandez)
  • Evening service - Studies in Isaiah: Hope is revealed (Preacher: Keith Johns)

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