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We are a lively, friendly and diverse group of Bible-believing and proclaiming Christians.  Please browse our website to find out more about us and our activities.

Sunday May 28th at 10.30am

Morning service - 'Where is God in a broken world?'
We are continuing our sermon series in the book of Judges.
The preacher is our minister, Jonathan Bailey.
We focus on Judges 4 and 5 where Deborah and Barak have something to sing about.
Do we need to know about that? Join us and find out why we do!

Sunday May 28th at 6.30pm

Evening service
We are looking at the growth of the Christian movement as recorded in the book of Acts under the overall title of 'Spread the word'.
As we join the action this evening in Acts 9 we find the Christian community in Damascus at risk of extinction because of a vicious campaign of persecution being led by a very able and committed opponent of Christianity. If this new Christian movement is really God's movement, surely he must intervene somehow ...
Our preacher is Billy Singh

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