There's more to life

Find Hope

We believe that whatever life throws at us, there is always hope - in Jesus. Our mission is to share the hope that we have experienced through faith in Him with our community. So often we're tempted to focus on our own strength and resources or those close to us for our comfort and security and then, sometimes, things happen that burst our bubble. The Bible teaches that real hope is found in a personal relationship with God, through faith in Jesus Christ. Get that relationship right and everything else takes on a different perspective. The Bible never promises a life of plain sailing on this earth, but with Jesus, there is always a friend who never lets us down and a Saviour who can deal with our past and give real hope for a secure future for eternity.

Join us at Caterham Baptist Church to find out more. An idea of what to expect at one of our Sunday Services can be found here. Or, maybe you have a lot of questions and would like to try our short Christianity Explored course. Details can be found here.