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Sunday morning meeting Page

Part way through the Sunday morning service the children leave the main congregation for age-appropriate Bible teaching:

Explorers is for children aged from 3 years to school year 3 inclusive.
Pioneers is for children in school year 4 or 6.
Orienteers is for children in school year 7 or 8.
Mountaineers is for those in school year 9.

A creche is available for younger children.

Our Young People's fellowship (YPF) meets on Sunday evenings (8-9pm), and this is for those from school year 10 upwards.

Sunday October 28th at 10.30am

Morning service
Christians are those who live to please Jesus. This may sound wonderful - but what does it actually mean in practice? Can it actually be done, and if so, how?
Our study passage is Hebrews 13:20-25 and our preacher is our minister, Jonathan Bailey.

Coming soon ...

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