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We are a lively, friendly and diverse group of Bible-believing and proclaiming Christians.  Please browse our website to find out more about us and our activities.

Sunday June 24th at 10.30am

Morning service
If a church has little strength it cannot expect to know the blessing of the Lord.
Right? ... Wrong! Our series in the seven letters to the churches in Revelation 2 and 3 brings us to the church in Philadelphia.
We may find some of our conventional ideas about how churches grow turned upside down.
The study passage is Revelation 3:7-13 and the preacher is Jez Heath.

Sunday June 24th at 6.30pm

Evening service
Our subject this evening is a question - 'Does God speak today?'
If He does, how can we identify His voice? After all, some people have made terrible mistakes in this area.
Our preacher is Billy Singh, and he is addressing the question from the perspective of 1 Samuel 3.

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