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British Museum Visit

British Museum

We will meet in the British Museum at 10.45am. Go straight through the main entrance and keep going through into the Great Court. Our guide will be by the right hand stairs (which will be in front of you), and will be wearing a Red Day One lanyard and badge.

In the Museum you can buy sandwiches and drinks in the Great Court or a light meal in the Gallery Café — or bring your own to eat in the Great Court or outside (helps with cost saving!). There are also sandwich places near the Museum.

We recommend that members of the party have a copy of the Day One Travel Guide: Through the British Museum with the Bible 5th Edition. It would be good if you were able to read the Guide beforehand and for later reference it is invaluable. You can order these in advance from Day One's website or they can be purchased in the Museum Bookshop for £10 each.


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