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The elders of the church are responsible for the spiritual oversight of the church, which is primarily carried out through teaching. Some information about the elders at Caterham Baptist Church can be found below.

Jeremy Heath

Jeremy Heath (commonly known as Jez) joined the Eldership team in March 2015, having been a member of church since 1999. He became a Christian at a young age on a youth camp and grew up attending a strongly evangelical Anglican church in Lindfield. Married with two children, Jez divides his time between Church, his family, working for the local water company, climbing mountains, cycling down them and trying to remember the chords on his guitar.

John Baldwin

John is an elder.

Jonathan Bailey

Jonathan is CBC's full-time minister. He and his family have been part of the church for about ten years. Although he had a Christian upbringing, he only got to know Jesus in 1998 after a work colleague invited him to a mid-week service at an Anglican church in the City of London, where he started to understand the great news of the Bible for the first time. He loves to have the opportunity to share it with anyone who will listen!

Keith Johns

Keith was full-time minister at CBC from July 1983 until his retirement at the start of 2015. He came to CBC having previously been a secondary school teacher for ten years. He is married to Pauline. They both enjoy walking and travelling to new places when time and opportunity allow! Keith is part of the current CBC preaching team and also preaches in other churches. He is the vice-chairman of the Council of the Grace Baptist Mission and a member of the Executive. He is also on the Executive Committee of the Particular Baptist Fund.

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